Wedding Photography Tips and Tricks

Wedding Photography Tips and Tricks

July 23, 2019
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Getting contracted to take wedding photoshoots implies that your clients have trust in you. This is among the most memorable days in one’s life since weddings happen only once in a lifetime. When starting out in wedding photography, one might freak out about lacking everything needed on hand. One might get scared that their equipment may meltdown or the light becomes horrendous. As far as weddings are concerned, preparation is mandatory.

To help you get organized for wedding photography, we made a comprehensive list of the important equipment needed. The list will let you focus on the essential stuff and get your job done with ease. It is our hope that by the end of this article, you will have known all that you need to capture this memorable occasion.

Wedding Photography Definition

Wedding photography is a series of activities related to weddings. It comprises the couple’s photos before marriage and the scope of the wedding and also the reception. This is a great commercial profession that supports the efforts of most photography studios or individual photographers.

Factors you should consider to Wedding Photoshoot

There are so many factors that any wedding photography should be aware of before heading to the Photoshoot. If you want to know whether your wedding photography is successful, here are some guidelines to follow:

  • The photography must link the present, past and the future
  • It is essential to capture beauty like never before
  • Wedding photography should create art to be enjoyed forever
  • Perfect wedding photography should capture the birth of a new family
  • Emotions, as well as decisive moments, must be well-captured
  • It is important to document people’s presence
  • The best wedding photography allows one to share their day with the world

Essential Wedding Photography Gear

  • Speed lights

During night time weddings one needs to use a Speedlight thus using an external flash. Another option is dark or grainy images. Speedlight photography methods may be used for nighttime weddings and the dark churches.

  • Lens Cleaning Kit

While shooting a fast-moving session there is a possibility that the lens may get dirty or wet, thus it is good to have a cleaning kit or a lens wipe to prevent smudges interfering with the shoots. Lens hoods prevent the lenses from getting dirty, they also help to keep sun flare down. Lastly, ensure the lenses and the equipment is clean and well maintained.

  • Camera Bag

One needs a bag for all the gear. Ensure it is comfortable and roomy thus moving around throughout the day with ease.

  • Telephoto Lens

A longer lens is needed so as to capture events of the ceremony from a distance standing towards the back or sides prevents one from blocking the viewers. A loner lens helps one take photographs from a distance of 70-200mmwith ease.

  • Camera and spare

One needs more than one camera probably three. Two may be used for shooting and another one for back up. An extra camera is essential in case the primary camera fails. Ensure you always have backup equipment.

Best Wedding Photography Tips

If you are looking to become best photographer, there are a few tips for wedding shooting you should know. Below, we have discussed some of them in details.

  • Do not go alone

One cannot carry all the photography accessories all alone. An aiding hand is needed in wedding photography. One may also need a person to help manage the light, take the test shots, and capture the scenes you may be missing. You may ask for assistance from wedding photography, who might be your second shooter on their upcoming event. It is good to work on a low-cost budget and also get help from a skillful wedding photographer.

  • Plan for the shoot

One is required to create some extra time for this kind of photography. Take extra photos of the bride and bridegroom in various attractive sites. The couple should be under your instructions. It is recommended that one should show them a manual throughout the planning of the shoot. Allow them to choose their poses and provide more instruction so as to capture the best.

  • Friends are Important

One should know both the bride‘s and the groom’s friends since they are party hosts.  Plan on shooting some attractive photos of them with the couples and alone. Take some group photographs of the groom’s friends with him and capture the manly poses. The same should be done with the bride as you capture several girly poses so as to provide a perfect match to the albums.

  • Look for Smiles

The hidden pearls should be noticed so as to give the photograph a better frame. Notice the kids playing around, children smiling, some kids playing, laughter’s from around and the live events all around. These strings can be added to the album since they are original and rare.

  • Shoot the Reactions

The expressions of friends, family, and relatives need to be captured as they enjoy the best moments of the couple. The expressions from different audiences should be captured and added to the albumthe photographs should be taken swiftly and also capture as many faces as one can so that they can be preserved for the couples to enjoy seeing them later in life.

Bottom Line

We hope that this article will help you in your coming wedding photography shoot. Learn, study and do lots of practice in taking photos. Ensure you plan for the shooting and always look for a helping hand so as to capture all the expressions.