Three Options for Unique, Diet-Centered Meal Replacement Shakes

November 22, 2017
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When it comes to meal replacement shakes, they’re the top-tier supplements in the fitness world. These are supplements that are guaranteed to not only replace entire meals with a low number of calories and the nutrients they have inside of them, but they are also there to give us the boost we need when we’re feeling down. This is why when you’re choosing a meal replacement shake, it’s vital that you make the best decision possible. You can cheap out on certain things, but when it comes to meal replacement, only the best of the best is going to cut it. But lucky for you, we’ve compiled a trio of the best meal replacement shakes on the market, so when making your purchasing decision, you’ll no longer have to deal with the confusion that often accompanies those looking to get into meal replacement products. 

The Cave Shake by Cake Shake Brand 

One of the most unique products to hit the market is the Cave Shake. This is a special shake that is designed for ketogenic diets. It’s not only engineered to provide the user with low carbs, high fat, and moderate levels of protein, but it’s designed to provide a healthful treat to even non-ketogenic or non-Paleo diet participants.  

This is a very unique product because as it stands, there really isn’t a dedicated ketogenic meal replacement on the market. While there are products that can be somewhat adapted to the diet, it really isn’t something that is going to effectively be found anywhere else other than the Cave Shake. The brand also offers customized meal replacement packs that users can engineer to their liking.  

This is a very important supplement for keto users because this is a diet that relies on very high levels of fat and protein to generate a metabolic switch from carbs to lipids for the body’s preferred energy source. By doing this, one can get a whole host of health benefits, but some of the most prominent effects are only felt when you’re fully in a ketogenic state, and that is a state you have to induce via your diet and lifestyle. But either way, the Cave Shake is a phenomenal meal replacement for those on specialized diets, but if you have a more traditional palette, you’ll want something else.  

The 310 Shake by 310 Nutrition 

Undoubtedly one of the best well-balanced shakes out there right now, the 310 Shake is more than just a weight loss shake. To call it a meal replacement shake would actually be a travesty because the benefits that it provides are so numerous it’s hard to just pick one. For one, it’s important to realize that this is a shake that’s meant to support your entire lifestyle, not just help you lose weight or replace a meal with a drinkable solution.  

This is an all-in-one formula that gives you a full dose of micronutrients, macronutrients, and even supplies you with a hefty dose of probiotics. It’s an amazing product, and given the price point it’s available at, it’s an absolute steal. If you’re looking for a product to support your vitality in addition to getting healthy and losing weight, this is definitely your must-have meal replacement shake.  

Ideal Plant Protein Shake by Ideal Raw 

One of the most unique protein shakes on the market that also serves as a great meal replacement shake is the Ideal Raw Plant Based Protein shake. There are very few shakes like it on the market. For the most part, you’re going to only find shakes that are made with animal products. This is important to keep in mind because people forget we have a lot of vegan athletes and individuals that want to get into meal replacement shakes, but they don’t have the means to do so.  

Well, now, they have a complete plant-based option that really works and tastes great. So if someone gives you the excuse that they’re vegan and they can’t use meal replacement shakes because they’re vegan, they no longer have a valid excuse. They still get a hefty dose of protein and other macronutrients, and they’re sourced from things like soy and other non-animal sources.