The Best Universal Remotes that are Worthy Buying

August 31, 2017
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The Reason You Should Get the Best Universal Remote

People with a lot of remote controlled electronic devices have at least a remote for each device cluttering on the living room table. That is a reason enough to get yourself a universal remote that will enable you control all your remote-controlled equipment’s with just one wand.

At a time, having a lot of remotes in the living room might look messy and unattractive for visitors. A universal clicker enables you operate your devices in a more convenient way and in a room, that looks nicer.

In addition to that, single device remotes use AA batteries and the more the number of remotes you have the more AA batteries you require. A universal remote saves you the trouble of hunting for AA batteries every instant one remote is low.

Some advanced remotes enable users operate smart-home devices such as lighting system from a sitting position for instance; you can just dim the lights while sitting down when you want to watch a movie.

Logitech presents you with the Harmony line of remotes as the only available universal remotes you can come across and are worthy purchasing. The best thing is, Logitech Company sells its Harmony remotes in a variety of remotes suitable for different clientele requirement and needs. The list below presents the best universal remotes you can get.

Best Remotes to buy in 2017

Best on Budget:

1. Logitech Harmony 650 and Harmony 655:

Logitech Harmony 650 universal remotes are available for buyers in black or silver colors. This remote has a slightly smaller display than other universal remotes with buttons arrayed around the display. This display lets the user access activities such as; favorite channels and others faster.

On-screen help of the Harmony 650 remote makes it easy and more effective to troubleshoot and diagnose any issue. However, this model of remote only works via infrared (IR), therefore, a user can’t hide any components of the entertainment centers. The Harmony 650 cannot be used to manage and control smart-home devices such as lighting system.

The Harmony 655 is a new universal remote unveiled by Logitech to succeed the Harmony 650 model. The Logitech Harmony 655 comes at a slightly higher price ($49) compared to Harmony 650 which goes at $36.98.

Harmony 655 supports 10 domestic devices compared to Harmony 650 which supports 8 devices. In color, Harmony 655 only comes in black color and not silver.

These are the best universal remotes you can get in the year 2017 with regards to price/budget.

According to the customers that have already used Harmony 650 and 655, these remotes come with a very intuitive software. To use it, you simply plug the remote to your computer and then, type in the model number of the TV, Receiver, Cable Box etc… that your intent to use the remote on, and the remote guides you through all the system one-by-one and what each system does.

Customers that have used the two models also recommend the remotes for their amazing display. The screen size does not affect the effectiveness of use for the Harmony 650 remotes.

Best for Smart Homes

2. Logitech Harmony Elite

Harmony Elite if the top-end remote of Logitech and has the capability to control up to 15 domestic devices at the same time.

Harmony Elite has physical button for easy usage and a colored touch screen that enables users to quickly select their favorite channels. It also offers its buyer a chance to create custom buttons for instance, a Watch a Movie button, that automatically turn all the devices connected to it to the rightful settings.

The Harmony Elite remote works in conjunction with the included Harmony Hub that enables users to hide electronic in a remote-controlled cabinet.

Elite remote also works with a variety of smart-home devices for instance; the ecobee4 thermostat and Philips Hue lights. It can as well be connected to the Amazon Alexa voice program thus enabling its user to issue commands to the Harmony Elite remote using voice/spoken words.

This is the best universal remote based on the Smart Home consideration. Logitech’s Harmony Elite remote model has the best place in the mind and hearts of customers.

Best Midrange Remote

3. Logitech Harmony Companion

Harmony Companion is in many ways similar to the Harmony Elite remote model in that it can also be used to control smart-home devices such as lighting systems and thermostats (the ecobee4 thermostat
and Philips Hue lights)

The key difference between Harmony Elite and Companion is that harmony Companion does not have any screen for display. Therefore, users will have to designate physical buttons in order to enable the Watch TV mode and other modes.

The Harmony Companion remote also comes with the Harmony Hub to enable customers hide their electronic devices in the cabinet and also be able to use the Amazon Alexa program to control the TV
and more devices in the house.

Based on the midrange remote usage, Harmony Companion is the best universal remote to buy.