How to Pass Your CFA Exam With Only One Week to Go

May 29, 2017
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Saturday 7th June is CFA exam day and if you still haven’t prepared the chances of you ever preparing is relatively low, The CFA institute tells you, you need at least 6 months to prepare for your CFA exams, so you might as well be aiming for the December exams now. But if you still think you can somehow by god’s grace be in the 38% who pass this intricate exam, here are some last minute tips to follow. Now remember you will need to give it your 100% and practice the CFA practice exam.

This is our 7 day revision plan that you HAVE to follow very strictly:

Saturday & Sunday (Day 1&2)

At this point you have absolutely no time to arrange your fancy note books, pens and start fresh! Unfortunately you have to start off with practice questions meaning a CFA practice exam.

You need to spend these two days carefully going through question banks, find a reliable question bank site and start! Normally question banks offer 1000s of questions for you to practice so there will be lots to do and learn from. This way if you find a question you don’t understand or know the answer to you can go back to your notes and study it properly. This is why the CFA practice exam is very effective.

Monday (Day 3)

You will dedicate this day to doing questions that come at the end of every chapter, this way you can know where you lack understanding in each individual chapter and focus only on that. This will help you save a lot of time. Revise all your notes and complete a CFA practice exam.

Tuesday & Wednesday (Day 4&5)

Test yourself! CFA level 1 is all about timing, you will only have 90 seconds per question on the exam day, but for Tuesday and Wednesday you have the luxury of taking your time and giving your questions thought.

Thursday & Friday (Day 6&7)

It time for some serious testing! Set your alarm clocks because today you need to sit for a CFA practice exam just as you would on your final day! Do a CFA practice exam and follow the instructions you need to on the actual exam day.  All your knowledge and practice on the topics will go to complete waste if you are not able to manage your time well. Mimicking exam hall situations have proven to be very helpful and alerting.

Saturday (It’s time)

Well it’s the day of the exam and panicking will only cause you harm, so be confident and give it your best shot. If you do end up passing having followed such a crammed schedule, consider yourself truly blessed and extremely lucky!