How to Create a Home Gym Tools You Need

June 17, 2018
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Gyms provide an excellent exercise environment. However, public gyms face crowding and can be costly sometimes. This is why more people are adopting meal replacement shakes for weight loss or home gyms. Make sure you have enough space in your home. Your garage or basement would be perfect for a gym. Considering you will not have fitness experts around, as is the case with commercial gyms, you should invest in high-quality gym products. 

If you are not sure about your installation skills, you had better hire a professional to help. Below is a guide to the gym equipment you will need to create a functional home gym.  

Simple Gym Equipment 

a) Ropes

Jumping is a productive workout activity. It is more fun when you use a rope. Therefore, purchase several jump ropes. In case you have company, you can enjoy jumping together. There are light and heavy ropes. How heavy a rope is depends on the intensity of your workouts. Light ropes suit basic jumping while heavy ones are for advanced exercises. 

b) Mats

If you love yoga, you will definitely need yoga mats in your gym. However, mats also serve other exercise types such as push-ups. They protect floors from shock and sweat. The advantage of yoga mats is that they are affordable, easy to maintain and store. 

c) Pull-up bars

If you intend to work on your upper body, pull-up bars would be helpful. They tone your arms and the general chest area. However, pulling off pull-ups is not easy especially if you are a beginner. The bars will assist you master the art of pull-ups. 

d) Ab Wheels

If you wish to have spectacular abs, you need ab wheels. They also do a great job flattening your tummy and exercising your arms and back. As long as there is room in your home gym, make maximum use of the wheels. 

e) Dumbbells and kettlebells

Improve your gym equipment set with the bells. Dumbbells enable you to enjoy adjustability. Therefore, there is no need of purchasing different weights. Do not worry about cost since dumbbells are cheap. They work on your chest, back, shoulders and arms. Kettlebells function like dumbbells only that they are more adjustable and take your exercise to the next level. 

f) Medicine balls

If you were into strength training and cardio, medicine balls would be a worthwhile addition to your home gym tools kit. It is because they exercise your whole body. Use them in your sit-ups, squats and lunge sessions.

Home Gym Tools

Machines for Your Home Gym 

You cannot claim to have a gym equipment full set without a few machines in place. Some of the machines to buy include: 

a) Treadmills

When you do not feel like jogging or running outdoors, a treadmill comes in handy. Perhaps the weather is not friendly or you do not have the energy to handle the terrain. Use a home treadmill for your cardio workouts. If you do not have big space, do not worry because home treadmills are smaller than those at the public gym are. 

b) Bike

Stationary bikes are fantastic if you love cycling. Biking does a great job on your legs making them fit. Despite bikes being a little costly they are a considerable purchase. You will love what they do to your leg muscles. When you like spin classes, biking is an inevitable activity. It spices up your workout routine. 

c) Elliptical machines

When you are not in for intense cardio, elliptical machines will do you good. They serve your heart, legs, and arms. The market has simple, small versions to fit small spaces. Stability is everything when using elliptical machines. It is important that you work on that before purchasing the machines. 

Exercise Videos  

Apart from the physical gym equipment, there are training videos. Trainers make DVDs for home use. From them, you can work out just as well as you would at the gym. Some videos do not even require gym tools making them economical and more affordable for those who have a tight budget. You have no excuse to avoid exercise. 

If you cannot find DVDs, YouTube has many workout tutorials, which you can download and experiment with to gauge whether they make a difference in your fitness program. With home gyms, there is no need of leaving your home to work out or paying membership fees. They allow you exercise at the comfort of your home. A home gym is an affordable, convenient, cheap option for staying fit.