How to Become a Photographer

How to Become a Photographer

July 23, 2019
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In the digital world that we are in today, it seems so obvious that anyone can easily use a camera as well as manage the photo editing applications. But most importantly is that all these don’t certify you to becoming a photographer professionally. Therefore below are the guidelines on how to become a photographer.


A photographer can basically be defined as a skilled personnel, who captures and processes images through photography.

How to Become a Photographer (Step-by-Step Guide)

1. Carry out a review on photography

Conducting a small study on photography trends in your area could be a good way to go as it eases and sharpens you as well as aiding you to perfect on photography as a professional.

It is also necessary to perform a research in your local market and figure out the techniques used by other professional photographers and also know their charges for the different packages.

By this you will be able to learn the most demanding photography genres and maybe decide to market yourself differently depending on your skills.

2. Understanding right gear for professional photography

Considering the fact that you want to become the best photographer first thing first there is a need to start with the current equipment and learn how to use it and perfect your skills based on what you have.

3. Acquiring the proper gear

Along with learning different techniques in photography it is appropriate to put in to consideration the choice of your gear depending on the genre of photography you intend to engage in, whether landscape shooting or wedding photography among others.

Before settling down for a specific camera it’s good to carry out a comprehensive review on the best camera and the appropriate photo editing software tool to use. The choice of a camera will on depending on the functionalities, lenses, lighting and also consider a consulting from the professionals.

4. Build your networking skills

Marketing your photography skill is another essential part of portraying your competence as a professional photographer, as a startup begin with the family members and friends then go ahead and issue out your business cards, hit the social media and attend the local events this way you will create connections and you will also keep learning the new techniques.

5. Get that online portfolio

Creating your own online portfolio website is very important, especially if you ever desire to be a freelancer photographer. This basically means a link between you and your clients. So get the best of your best to showcase your professionalism.

Essential Wedding Photography Gear

Capturing every bit of this memorable life event requires preparedness and professionalism to term it successful. Therefore, below is a list of the very important equipment to be considered when shooting a wedding photography:-

1. A comfortable Camera Bag

Basically for a wedding photographer owning a bag that is stronger and big in size to hold up all the gear in place and also the one that will guarantee safety of the gear during your movements.

2. A camera

Having a camera that can perform well even in low light will help you shoot amazing wedding photos. It’s also advisable to have a backup camera just in case one fails.

3. Extra memory cards and reliable batteries

If you want everything to close up successfully there is a need to ensuring you have the best batteries fully charged, and the most reliable photo storages enough to hold all days’ work, remember having a corrupt memory card means a high chance of losing clients photograph.

4. A Zoom Lens

Having a medium zoom lens allows you to comfortably capture beautiful images at a focal length which works perfectly in wedding photography. This mean you can comfortably pull the far background without interfering with the sharpness.

5. A Wide Angle Lens

Obtaining that unique shoot that captures a wide area of the background this prime lens offers you that.

6. Speed Lights

To achieve a night time wedding photography u will have to use the speed light technique.

7. Tripods and Light Stands

Putting you speed lights in the light stand helps you to adjust the light placement while the tripods regulates the stability of the light especially when shooting in low light.

Photography Techniques, tips and tricks

Learning the new techniques and tips for wedding shooting doesn’t only apply to the starter. It matters too to the professionals this is because it helps every one improve in their skills in photography. Here is a brief explanation of the photography tricks, tips and techniques:-

1. Learn, understand and apply different techniques such as portrait, landscape, animal, macro photography among others and also using filter photography, but creativity is the mother of all.

2. Capturing a subject’s motion, speed or movement is another vital tip in photography and in this it’s wise to use the panning technique.

Bottom Line

There is a lot to explore in photography though to some it sound very easy. The major aspects in photography is very best gears and getting the best out of the shoots made. Also learning different techniques builds your competence and sharpens your professional skills.