How Can We Reset AOL Password?

December 15, 2019
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It is a well-known online platform that provides free services to users. Well, it stands for America Online that is so much into providing excellent service. AOL came in the know in 1983 which was invented by William Von Meister. Not just online services but they also provide multiplayer games and various software as well. AOL has contributed to various educational domains and fictional series to entertain each kind of user. Then it got to merge with the various organizations to expand its services. Although, all the services of AOL are excellent email is the most preferred one. AOL email service provides some very interesting features like composing mail, maintaining drafts. And its huge storage capacity made it stand out of crowd.

Talking about features AOL has proved itself by generating a large number of users within a very short period. On the other hand, we know that AOL works online through the internet and so it can be stuck at times. All the account related things are secured through password protection but what if you need to reset AOL password? 

Well, data security is way more important than anything as it can cause harm. That is the reason why each of the account holders is asked to change password timely. In case you do not know how to reset AOL password or recover AOL password. Then you can go with the given steps to fix these issues.

How Can We Reset/recover AOL Password? 

Several users throughout the world use AOL email service. And it is quite obvious that users wonder about the solution to the problems they face. So AOL has started supplying support service that serves worldwide to help users instantly. Well below cited are the points to reset AOL password if you are unable to fix on your own.

Steps to Reset AOL password 

  • Go to AOL login window 
  • Type AOL user-id 
  • Select Forgot Password below the email address field 
  • Answer security questions correctly
  • Enter Account Security Section and select Change Password
  • Submit the old password and create a new
  • Click on SAVE
  • Now log out and log in with the new password, to confirm

These are some easy AOL password reset steps to help you run your account smoothly. You can now relax after fixing this issue successfully but if you wonder how to recover AOL password. Well yes, it is a problem if you are looking to recover your password. Because password recovery is done in two critical situations, first, if you forgot your password and second if your account is hacked. Don’t worry and perform the mentioned steps in sequence to get back to your account.

Steps to Recover AOL password 

  • Open browser 
  • Visit AOL login window page
  • Put your AOL user-id
  • Press NEXT
  • Choose password recovery option i.e. (email, phone number)
  • Open the recovery link you got
  • Type new and strong password by clicking on the “Reset Password” option
  • Press SAVE

Well done! You have now fixed recover AOL password issue with the help of AOL password reset steps easily. Remember do not create a weak password as it is easy to hack. Also, do not create a hard one as that is not easy to remember. In short, create a unique and strong password so that your account remains safe and secure.

How Can We Reset AOL Password on Android and iPhone? 

As we know that AOL runs on all the devices so that all types of users get access to AOL. But a problem arises when it comes to configuring settings as settings of all the devices are different. Do not worry because AOL assures its users to support no matter what. On the condition that you are an iPhone user and unable to fix reset AOL password on iPhone. Then implement the below-specified process.

Steps to reset AOL password on iPhone 

Note- the below-given process will result only if you remember your current password. 

  • Open AOL login page 
  • Login your AOL account 
  • Go to Settings and select Change Password
  • Now, enter your current password
  • Type a new and strong password
  • Retype the new password, to confirm
  • Tap on “Continue”
  • Press on Save Changes
  • Press OK, to complete

Hopefully, these AOL password reset steps helped you fix the reset AOL password on the iPhone issue easily. But in case you have some other device, say Android then don’t perform the above-given steps. Don’t panic there is a solution for android users as well. So relax and try the below step guide to fix this issue on your android device.

Steps to reset AOL password on Android 

Note- the below-given process will result only if you remember your current password. 

  • Login your AOL email account (via browser or app) 
  • Select Change Password option under email settings 
  • Type the old password 
  • Enter a new password
  • Press SAVE, to complete

How to Change/Reset AOL Password Without an Alternative Email?  

Above all password recovery is the biggest issue when it comes to email services. Password protection is the concern on both ends i.e. users and suppliers. And for security, AOL offers support service. So that you can fix the issues to keep your account secured. If you wonder how to reset AOL password without any email. Because you haven’t registered a recovery email while creating an account. Then need not worry and perform the below-given steps. 

Steps to reset AOL password without any email 

  • Visit AOL login window 
  • Enter AOL id 
  • Select Forgot Password option 
  • Select Security Question option to recover password 
  • Security Question page will display 
  • Now, answer the questions correctly 
  • Go to Account Security > Change Password 
  • Enter current password 
  • Create a new password 
  • Press SAVE 
  • Now, login with a new password to confirm

Remember- you can also choose an alternate Phone number option to reset AOL password without any email. Congratulations! I hope you find these steps useful and have successfully fixed the issue. You can contact AOL support team in case the problem persists. Moreover, the team will help provide you Sbcglobal email support also. You can contact them via call, text or mail regarding your issue. The support team assures to help assist you and solve your issue quickly.