All You Need To Know About VR Videos

November 6, 2017
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A VR video simulates reality by making the viewer feel as if they are inside a space. VR videos use many still images and videos shot from several angles to create a spherical virtual reality experience. This is the new trend for showcasing locations that include business stores, real estate, and tourist destinations among others as well.

Sometimes VR videos may include natural sounds and audio narration to enhance the ‘virtual reality’ experience for the end-user. Below is everything you need to know about virtual 360 tours. 

 Virtual 360 tours

A virtual 360 tour involves a degree by degree imagery display of a place or property. The end-user gets to enjoy interactive functionalities like moving from one direction to another inside the property simply by moving a computer mouse. End users can go from one building to another if it is a property complex. For destinations end users get to experience nature, urban streets, hotels and also everything else found there.

Makers of 360 virtual tours achieve the near-reality experience by stitching, or even by overlapping images shot at different angles of the place. These angles include below, above, left, right and round as well. Photography for virtual tours uses lenses that have a large depth of field to capture as many details as possible.

360 tour creators then code these images into a computer software that wraps them into one sphere to simulate reality. When taking a virtual tour, viewers can zoom in and out or shift focus from one item to another, and from direction to another as well.


VR videos find many uses in our daily lives. Apart from virtual reality entertainment, here are some of the places would find the wide usage of 360 VTs:

Real Estate: 360 virtual tours has entirely revolutionized how real-estate listings are done. Customers looking to acquire property now require a thorough degree by degree tour of the apartment to assess its condition. Real estate agents and owners may use a 360 tour to showcase floor plans or other details of the interior. A user is able to take a trip through the house by following arrows or even by listening to a voice-over narration of a guide.

Normally the 360 tour starts from the exterior of the house and the street view. Users then move inside whereby just moving and clicking a computer mouse, they can tour the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom, and bedrooms as well. Potential buyers are able to see the full condition of the house before making a decision to buy it.

Hotels: 70 percent of all travelers today take virtual tours of a hotel or venue before booking in. 360 virtual tours help these visitors to experience the atmosphere and services of a facility, virtually, to influence their decision-making. Hotelier’s nowadays employee professional photographers to create a 360 VR video that details all the luxurious amenities found in their facility. Hoteliers understand that customers are highly likely to book into their facility after completing a 360 tour of the same.

Online: Virtual tours has grown to become one of the most effective ways of online marketing. Businesses have realized that uploading a 360 virtual tour helps to gain dominance in search engine results. Due to their interactive and exciting nature, virtual tours are able to capture many of the customer’s attention until they learn all about a business.

The best 360 tour for businesses contain infographics, texts, HD pictures and also VR videos. Google Business Photos offers a simplified solution to the many startup businesses. An entrepreneur only needs to upload images of their stores and Google will make a 360 virtual tour for them online.

Benefits of having a virtual tour on your site

A 360 VR tour is a comprehensive simulation that provides potential customers all the information they need to know about your business. By taking the 360 tour online, it will be as though clients physically visited your business premises; it becomes easier to convince them to buy. 

  • Virtual 360 tours lead to an increased traffic flow to your website.
  • Increases your brand awareness online.
  • Can lead to positive reviews, this will enable you to gain many of the new customers.

In the near future, it might be entirely impossible for businesses to run without a 360 tour. This tool is good for building trust and spreading brand awareness to the exceptional levels.