New Metal Gear Survive Gameplay Video Shows Off More Weapons, Crafting, And Base Camp

January 9, 2018
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In the lead up to the game’s beta and release date, Konami continues to showcase more of Metal Gear Survive. A new six-minute video highlights much of what to expect from single-player and the survival game overall.

The video offers some glimpses of story cinematics from Survive. Caskets are dropped off Mother Base into the ocean and the zombie-like enemies are seemingly transported through wormholes into the alternate dimension where the game takes place. We also meet an incredibly dim-witted soldier who talks to a man who is very clearly dead, setting up an attack from the reanimated corpse.

We also get another look at crafting–covering weapons, Base Camp (which we can see evolve over the course of the game), and more. That includes how you can summon or build things like a fence in the middle of the game world, which is used to delay a batch of enemies pursuing the player. In another area, a structure with a ladder is built to allow the player to reach the top of a building.

Weapons are also a big focus, with a wide variety on display. A bow and arrow, flaming bat, giant sledgehammer, and more are used to dispatch enemies at various points.

There has been some skepticism from fans about Survive, both because of the departure from the usual Metal Gear Solid style and the lack of involvement from series creator Hideo Kojima, who no longer works for Konami. Players will have a chance to try the game out for themselves ahead of its PS4, Xbox One, and PC release on February 20, as a Metal Gear Survive beta is scheduled to take place later this month.